How To Write Video Games (Ambition parts 10-14)

January 24, 2015

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25 thoughts on “How To Write Video Games (Ambition parts 10-14)

  1. “He gave her dope and dynamite. That’s what. Some gentleman!”

    I don’t know. Sounds pretty fun to me.

  2. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but apparently I haven’t done so.

    Bridget has a life insurance policy on Ted, a fact that nails the lid on
    the defense’s figurative coffin when Grandma blabs about it, but the
    prosecution didn’t turn this fact up somehow. Plot hole? Incompetent

  3. Angie: “That’s really unfortunate. How could you have known that she would
    have blurted that out?”
    We couldn’t have, Angie, because we live in a world where we can’t question
    witnesses properly or prepare them in any way.
    “Oh well, at least you know now to avoid that trap.”
    Thank you, Roberta Williams. 

  4. “Start – The Prosecution
    (6 minute movie intro)”

    I’d be sour about that insanely long intro if it wasn’t Michael
    Gibson-brand craziness. For starters, we immediately get a lie from Angie;
    discovering the real killer isn’t how we win the game.

    The other problem is that one of the main menu options is a synopsis of
    previous episodes, but the six-minute intro does the same thing via the
    prosecution’s opening remarks (which double as a highlight reel for no

  5. As much an homage to Phoenix Wright as “Metroid Beginings” [sic] is an
    accurate prequel to any Metroid game.

  6. I want to see an animated buddy cop movie where Ted joins the police force
    and is partnered up with Duke. *MAKE IT HAPPEN, MICHAEL!*

  7. “I put my eyeshadow on my ears” “Why are her eyes green? Is she a reptile
    now?” “Why does the statue have a skeleton” “Did you have to come in your
    yoga clothing?” my favourite quotes – I can’t stop laughing omg, this was
    great – screaming Helen at the end freaked me the hell out though

  8. a lot of ‘pick the wrong choice and lose’ games come from old text
    adventures that expect you to know what happened last time. There’s no
    winning without meta-knowledge. Trying to role-play realistically simply
    doesn’t work.

  9. Since when are courts declared mistrials when the defendant’s witness
    admits possible motivation for the crime? 

  10. So, looking back at all of this, I see that there are more plot holes than
    I had ever realized.

    So Klink gives Bridget dynamite for Ted, and then she has Ted go and try to
    blow up Klink’s building. Klink also should have cancer, but I think
    Gibson forgot about that. Duke is working for Klink, but Klink has Duke
    thrown out during the marriage counseling. Helen and Yale don’t seem to
    notice that their marriage counselor is suddenly in court as a police

    These are all the ones that immediately come to mind. I can’t imagine how
    many someone would find if they actually thought about it. 

  11. I know everyone loves the ” I’m a terrorist!” line, but I think my favorite
    is when Bridget takes the oath. It makes me laugh every time for some

  12. You know what? I’m just going to put it as my own personal canon that Duke
    Crabtree changes his name to Nukem when he finally hits puberty. He’s got
    the hair, a green radioactive glow, and the name. All he needs are a pair
    of sunglasses and a lack of bubblegum

  13. I can’t get over the part at 38:50 when Ted fires at the van and his gun
    and his hands keep morphing between shots. Even for 2000 or when this was
    made, who’d look at this and be like “Ayup.. perfect. No need to fix what
    ain’t broken.”

  14. I love how vitriolic slowbeef is towards the judge! “I’m sorry, Your Honor,
    do YOU want to defend my client?!”

  15. “I have some bad news. That’s the end of the Ambition Series”

    …So what’s the bad news?

  16. It’s hard to tell if the developers of this game used the song in the
    beginning because of Poirot or not. I almost wish because I love any fans
    of the show, no matter how shit the game is.

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