How to Write Comedy – Write 15 Jokes in 30 Minutes

March 21, 2015

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25 thoughts on “How to Write Comedy – Write 15 Jokes in 30 Minutes

  1. I’ve only watched a little bit of the video so far, but using the tips I
    picked up I came up with a random topic by looking around my room (Alarm
    Clocks) and I delved into what Alarm clocks are typically associated with
    (Sleep, Snooze button, annoyance, agony, awakening, etc) until eventually I
    came across dreams and after that Nightmares.

    Here’s what I got out of it. Maybe it’s worth a chuckle, I don’t know, but
    here it is:
    “Alarm Clocks are nice if you want to wake up from a nightmare to get ready
    for a new one”.

  2. “But Tiger’s not the only one having issues right now. The women he banged
    aren’t out of the Woods either.”

  3. You can’t learn to be funny.The only thing that happens when you follow a
    “formula” you end up with what America has always been in comedy, trash,
    with the exception of Laurel and Hardy.You’re either funny or you not, it’s
    that simple.
    A joke is a three step process: Topic -> Direction -> Punchline and that is
    the only formula you need to write a freaking joke.

  4. Ok I’m going to write a joke right now. thinking……….. OK the subject
    is my brother Mike. Things about Mike. He has a beard, he’s a carpenter, he
    just helped me put in a new shower.
    He’s kind and has a temper too. He looks like Si on the duck dynasty show.
    He’s very homophobic. He likes to collect things. He would give you the
    shirt off his back. He’s a health nut. And a neat freak. Ok I’m trying to
    come up with something funny here. Thinking….. I got it.

    My brother Mike is so homophobic, he won’t even bend over and pick up the
    soap in his own shower.

  5. OMG, I think I’d rather have Tiger Woods 18 hole me in the ass with a
    putt than to use this method to write comedy. Great video for those who are
    not naturally funny. 

  6. You hear Tiger Woods is out of the top twenty? Hard to believe, considering
    how fast the bastard can get through nineteen holes. He’s really got a
    thing for giving that club of his a stroke. He’s real kind though, I mean
    come on! You’ve gotta give him a break, he has made a huge effort trying to
    get more women into the scene by giving them a hand with their technique. 

  7. I’m enjoying your talk. I try working on a particular subject or headline
    news article until I get a joke out of it, sometimes it takes a minute
    sometime two days. I worked on the Tiger Woods sex scandal for about a day.
    I’d like to point out that I don’t genneraly do rude, blue or even
    suggestive material so this was a tough work for me. After all the time I
    put into it it finally paid off. This is the joke.

    Tiger Woods was caught playing around with nine women, but that’s only half
    a round. On less he was playing the back nine as well.

    I had that in my set for a good six month’s and it got a great laugh every
    time but like good food, a joke has its sell by date so I had to drop it
    from my set, now if only Tiger would do it again.

  8. Now why would someone like Tiger go around chasing girls? I mean, if I saw
    Tiger pick up chicks these days, I would immediately file a report for

  9. Wow, this really kills the magic of comedy. Its a good process but anyone
    who needs to watch this video should not be writing comedy. 

  10. Take note people who think “Darude Sandstorm” is funny.

    This is how to write PROPER and ORIGINAL comedy.

  11. Just some help, is this okay.

    (My grandfather can’t hear much because of the machinery during WWIl
    “papa, i will look for you in the driveway”
    “what about world war two on the highway”
    the highway as a battlefield sounds fun
    but love is the real battlefield
    especially when you get separated from love ones to go in showers.)

    Im just getting into writing comedy is this good material

  12. Jerry, the first time you ever did an act,open mic or whatever. Do you
    remember your first line? Like literally the first things you said? How did
    you break the ice with all the anxiety leading up to your first

  13. Can someone rate my joke ya can’t really type it as much as say it but here
    it goes (its my fav I’ve made) “so I was at my friend Davids apartment and
    I didn’t know it but m penis was coming through my boxers, so David pulled
    me aside and said ” hey just wanted to tell you everyone can see your
    penis, and stop calling me David I’m your mother and we need to finish
    opening Christmas presents so focus BC we think this is the last one
    grandmas gonna live through”


  15. At this pace he’ll be the new face of Hanes, finally ending our sightings
    of the legendary Michael Jordan.

  16. Your’re great! If a earn 90 millions in a year I could pay someone to wash
    my balls, oops I remember that I’m not a golfer and I had a shower recently

  17. This style of comedy is not my personal favorite, however, I must admit
    that it is a great place to start when learning how to develope your
    creative mind into making jokes. Thanks for this. I have a starting point

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