Messy Mondays: How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Be Heard |

25 Responses to “Messy Mondays: How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)”

  1. BekensDwarf Says:

    Mind blown.

  2. John Brian Igisaiar Says:

    I’m in awe at how true this is.

  3. Jeremiah Brand Says:

    It freaking sounds like a real worship song!!!! LOL

  4. Bob Jenkins Says:

    Worship music is DEFINITELY about the heart, but when a group makes
    millions of dollars for writing a generic worship song that sounds like ten
    thousand others, I get a little frustrated. There is a difference between
    selling an unoriginal song and worshiping God through music.

  5. Yana Nikolova Says:

    The condition of modern “worship” music is all the more tragic if you
    compare it with the complexity and profoundness of the Psalms. Now THAT was

    By the way, when you mentioned the fire, this verse came to mind:
    Heb 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.
    So I guess that partially makes sense, but nontheless it does not justify
    the (mis)use of pretty much everything being on fire.

  6. Says:

    Worship music is deeper than this, and btw those words mean alot to those
    who know they are true, even if you are mocking people, it doesnt matter,
    God bless you all. 

  7. OverwhelmingCoolness Says:

    Ha ha! You should do a video mocking that one chick who poured out her
    heart in worship at Jesus’ feet. You know the one that cried and stuff. I
    know the pharisees mocked her but since Youtube wasn’t around back then we
    don’t have a funny video of it. Can you make one?

  8. Jimmy Cottrell Says:

    this is how slt will write the winter jam song and my future band write
    them btw can anyone think of a cool christian band name i already have a
    few like Elevate, and long and narrow but all future band members and you
    should know who you are give up some names please

  9. Nikolay Essani Says:

    Best video I’ve seen this week.

    In no way am I trying to bash worship music (it is my favorite), but it is
    funny how true this is. Most of the songs I have seen use the same pattern.

    +Dave Knepper 

  10. Andrew Smith Says:

    This is one reason why I have never brought myself to write a “worship
    To quote Derek Webb: “this is as funny as it is true. which makes it not

  11. Joshua Hill Says:

    A diminutive fraction of worship leaders dedicate countless hours and
    prodigious effort into (what is for them) their craft; they may travel the
    world to expose themselves to new and innovative ideas, sounds and
    approaches to worship, collaborate with like-minded artists, invest their
    typically limited resources into producing quality (by that I mean an
    original, profound work of love that compelling while remaining reverent)
    music, and some even go to graduate school to perfect their art…
    everyone else just does this:

  12. butterflycaught900 Says:

    Any other Faith +1 fans here? 

  13. mrm64 Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I laughed so much at the powerpoint part. It’s so true!!

  14. David Guthrie Says:

    If you haven’t seen this, WATCH IT NOW. It’s hilarious and totally true at
    the same time :P .

  15. Nathan McCartney Says:

    This made me laugh harder than anything on the internet EVER!

  16. Brok3nC4rrot Says:

    My inner media tech loves the overheads.

  17. theamvgirlx Says:

    Why so offended guys? Im sure this wasn’t serious…

  18. CelestialPanda14 Says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been trying to put into words for a long time –
    thank you.

  19. alex graham Says:

    I loved how the lyric’s slides were messed up and quickly fixed. XD That
    always seems to happen

  20. Matthew Littler Says:

    I hate how accurate this is. Oh, and make sure it’s a dotted eighth note
    delay. It makes the Spirit move.

  21. Michael Olan Says:

    nailed it! lol

  22. Will Cashien Says:

    That moment when you church takes this seriously

  23. J. Shiree Says:

    “Just, something needs to be in flames.” :D HA!

  24. Andrew Stobie Says:

    christians gotta learn how to use power point i swear

  25. dj won Says:

    I hate Christian music…its just sounds exactly the same.