IELTS Writing Task 2 Format Structure Tips Agree Disagree Argument Essay 8.5 scorer SYED

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16 Responses to “IELTS Writing Task 2 Format Structure Tips Agree Disagree Argument Essay 8.5 scorer SYED”

  1. Syed Mahmood Says:

    Thanks. As I said, if you are good at freehand writing, it is better to be
    creative and not follow a certain format. However, if you are struggling,
    then use the format so that you can at least write a decent answer.

  2. Adnan Fasih Says:

    your idea to deal with task 2 is good

  3. Mahesh Bhatta Says:


  4. Mahesh Bhatta Says:


  5. Bivek Joshi Says:

    writing test 1 :)

  6. sevenauz Says:

    Thanks for the posting Syed. i have one question. when you say. ” The
    discussion that whether or not the high sales of popular consumer good
    reflects the power of Advertisement is debatable one. there are strong
    logic provided by both of views”, so you are agreeing or disagreeing?
    Thanks in advance for reply..

  7. googlecat Says:

    how much did u get?

  8. Milad Shaker Says:

    Isn’t this introductory paragraph pretty short ??? I think so .

  9. thuli24 Says:

    Hi Syed, I sat for ielts 1 month back got an overall 7 but writing 6. So
    i’ll have to resit the exam. Could you tell me a lenient test center in

  10. SRI SAIRAM Says:

    how much u got Mr,Mahesh

  11. momoko1508 Says:

    and conclusion?

  12. Mahesh Bhatta Says:

    my IELTS exam is tomorrow. Wish me a good luck!

  13. Daulet Zhubanov Says:

    hi Syed. How long have you been studying English abroad??? Is it possible
    to pass the ielts after 6 month studying abroad??? I meant, I”m going to
    take the ielts tomorrow, so what band score will I get approximately???
    thank you

  14. Baljeet Saini Says:

    well done…. thanks alot

  15. S dudeicus Says:

    Me too :L Best of luck to the both of us

  16. momoko1508 Says:

    really helpful! thanks alot how to write introduction for 2question type?