How to Write Clean, Testable Code

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Be Heard |

25 Responses to “How to Write Clean, Testable Code”

  1. Luke1985M Says:

    It’s all just bullshit, so don’t matter.

  2. SiteValley Says:

    Instruction on creating an excellent code How to Write Clean, Testable Code

  3. xPaul Vigil Says:
  4. James Kwong Says:
  5. James Michael Dupont Says:

    I think what he said was that the difficulty of testing the code is a
    function of the structure of the code, not he complexity of the
    algorithm… i dont know if I agree yet.

  6. Roberto Martínez Says:

    How to Write Clean, Testable Code

  7. Olof Bjarnason Says:

    Inspiring on unit testing. 

  8. Javier Abanses Says:

    very interesting talk on TDD

  9. Judayle Dsouza Says:

    Must know for any coder :) 

  10. illinois008 Says:

    Testability is a misunderstood concept in software development.

  11. joshdarkensins Says:

    @theNewCodingFrontier just trying to match the intelligence and
    stupendously comprehensive in depth video that was presented to me =]
    …….. ( i did a pretty good job)

  12. Олексій Хімач Says:

    great talk, but to silent voice and title isnt sinc.

  13. Nicolas Jimenez Says:

    After one hour, they give the mic to the audience so the questions can be
    understood…. They need to improver their presentation better practices if
    they plan to upload them to youtube!!

  14. Amir Halperin Says:

    Very good talk. Well explained and demonstrated. 10x

  15. triularity Says:

    This is where doing an “end-to-end” test of a presentation ahead of time
    could come in handy. ;)

  16. Mathview Says:

    Go into Google and explain how to properly write code? Cool! For my next
    act, head in the Lion’s mouth. lol … anyways. …. Great talk even for
    the non-professional programmer. Now my question…. General engineering
    project management identifies the concept of “a metric” if you view the
    code as a project how do you relate the concepts of metric and specs? or
    are they unrelated?

  17. ThePrinthead Says:

    Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them
    understand a certain topic, you made my day.

  18. thr3ddy Says:

    Please repeat the questions!

  19. triularity Says:

    01:07:28 – “I have this bug in my Mac where if it wakes up sometimes I
    don’t have a keyboard.” I couldn’t really hear the audience member’s
    comment made after he said that, but I assume it was something along the
    lines of “maybe they should write a unit test for that”. =)

  20. someman7 Says:

    I have no idea what’s been said here either.

  21. sharperguy Says:

    Am I right in thinking that the reason ‘new’ operators are bad is because
    you can’t change the type of the object from outside?

  22. Manrico Corazzi Says:

    Great talk. Misko is the man. Got here via a Kent Beck’s tweet, btw.

  23. theNewCodingFrontier Says:

    @joshdarkensins I am so happy that you created such an in depth and
    intelligent comment to this video.

  24. Martin Jurča Says:

    Look like my wishes has been granted and GTT is in HD now :) . Thank you,

  25. Supericy Says: