How To Write An “Indie Rock” Song

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| April 16th, 2014 | Posted in Be Heard |

25 Responses to “How To Write An “Indie Rock” Song”

  1. Cheyleah Morgan Says:

    This song is good!

  2. TheMellowManiac Says:

    Well, this may sound like some Indie Rock music but none of mine.

  3. lenad ondex Says:

    Damn, now this song is stuck in my head.

  4. Tavish Lloyd Danner Says:

    does liking this make me a hipster? have i been mocking myself all along?
    this video has shaken the foundation of my existence, i don’t know what to
    believe now but one things for sure… #wontsettledown 

  5. towerguarder Says:

    anyone things she looks like Abed from community with an afro

  6. Dilvsy Says:

    shit..i actually like how this sounded!!! 

  7. Lilia Farrera Says:

    I just thought of the song Little Talks by Of monsters and man the whole

  8. RibbonBBY Says:

    Is it bad that I really love this song? And that it’s actually made me
    think… a lot of the songs I like are like this.

  9. burgerobob Says:

    this is too pop, this is for faux-tumblr-hipster, not the real hipster,
    real hipsters listen to experimental psychedelic noise rock with
    asymmetrical time signature with twisted dissonance

  10. Yeezus Says:

    Sounds so much like Arcade Fire!

  11. Alex Wright Says:

    0:57 Aperture science drum, LOL!!

  12. Grace Gordon Says:


  13. Earl Grey Says:

    rofl, I actually like this song though :D 

  14. Christian Wandsø Says:

    also remember to make a lot of “out of focus slow motion shots”

  15. Jake O'Shea Says:

    I used to be a hipster, but now it’s so mainstream…

  16. blucheese2 Says:

    … I kind of liked the song…. no… am I a… Hipster?!?!?! NOOOO

  17. daniel Lao Says:

    ur hipster for rofl XD

  18. YeOleNerd Says:

    I like this, why would you feel sorry for me.

  19. Harlen Helen Says:

    Hey…that was actually pretty…good.

  20. Alicia Menzies Says:

    I would actually think its a real song!

  21. Edward Morris Says:

    FRANZ FERDINAND XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lakobause Says:

    I just noticed they have an Aperture Science drum.

  23. smurfett76592574 Says:

    Its actually a good song

  24. Kristina Robin Says:

    this video is so true tbh

  25. SatisfecteIIent Says:

    Absolute shit.