How to Write an Essay

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| March 19th, 2014 | Posted in Be Heard |

25 Responses to “How to Write an Essay”

  1. Alisha Marie Says:

    seriously can’t get enough of your vids…last semester i actually lost my
    essay on my flash drive bec it broke and now i hit save like a million
    times and save it in multiple places…hilarious shit max

  2. Connor Boyd Says:

    tummy tuck tuesday

  3. Jenna Dawnson Says:

    The save was me xD

  4. Alex K Says:

    I lost it at the “save”. Too true.

  5. Lelaina crutchfield Says:

    Tickle torture Tuesday!!!!

  6. Cody Bell Says:

    this is me, right now!

  7. Julia Henderson Says:

    Trampoline Tuesday!

  8. miky anderson Says:

    This is so me

  9. Hayley Krystal Says:

    eat a tire tuesday

  10. MissJen Says:

    This is me RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  11. catie cat Says:

    You’re amazing! And hilarious!

  12. Sally Smith Says:

    Lol I got here becuz I’m a fan of ur gf but ur page is rlly funny also

  13. Maria Nava Says:


  14. mhcarroll216 Says:

    ….and I’m watching this instead of doing my research paper..

  15. MsPunkRockk Says:

    hehehehehe the end..

  16. Grace Billiot Says:

    anyone lookng in the mirror reflection

  17. Vaso Kay Says:

    sparknotes.. which I will skim

  18. tom rea Says:

    Omg max you have an unreal body…topless tuesday or thunder cat Tuesday or
    turtleneck Tuesday or titty dance Tuesday yeaah ha

  19. MyLifeAsMelissa Says:

    Is he still living with Jenna?

  20. TaraMaryseStyles Says:

    That is soo me…..I get sooo distracted when writing an essay

  21. saxumbonum Says:

    Well, it’s not a ridiculous idea, so I’m sure I’m not the only person who
    has the thought and expressed it.

  22. Marissa2390 Says:

    Draw your life

  23. Xavier Jordan Says:

    “piggy backed channel”

  24. sunflowersim18 Says:

    lmao the stapler xD wtf

  25. Sofie Brøsen Says:

    writing an essay in english is not the same as in danish, i looked this up
    to find the difference and now im just giggling to myself instead of
    writing my essay…