How to Write an Effective Essay: The Introduction

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25 Responses to “How to Write an Effective Essay: The Introduction”

  1. jayluissarte Says:

    I am a college student at jmu and i have an essay due tomorrow and i have
    been weak my writing. I have learned more in 20 minutes then all through
    high school years thank you so much!

  2. nexypointy Says:

    u loook mixed… gorgeous!

  3. Kevin Wan Says:

    Hello everyone, I am Chinese. My name is Kevin and I love English writing.
    Therefore I am looking for pen pals to practice my writing and exchange
    learning experience. If you are interested, contact me via this email would apppreciate it if you could do so.

  4. Thomas Lewis Says:

    My class just watched this, this blew my mind.

  5. blacking wolf Says:

    you didn’t write in the grabber bullets


  6. Gilig Guru Says:

    I like the chicken visiting the relatives.

  7. 채 은경 Says:

    how to essay

  8. Lidia Noronha Says:

    Thank you you for the video , very helpful . 

  9. Sahil khan Says:

    and you are a good grabber 

  10. Dua'a Altamimi Says:

    you are great techer .. amazing video :) ;)

  11. Applebox Says:

    A bit too long, but thx

  12. Seth Stirling Says:

    i learned about a HOT intro “hook, overview,Thesis statement”

  13. sillycliff512 Says:

    can you teach the difference between an analysis and synthesis?

  14. sillycliff512 Says:

    wow your a great teacher

  15. ugaase Ahmeda Says:

    I love this video the most

  16. ugaase Ahmeda Says:

    thanks to you I am passing My ESL class

  17. Krish Ram Says:

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  18. lolxd cai Says:

    Epic. too good.

  19. fardowsa10 Says:

    Iam left with this fucked up gramma

  20. fardowsa10 Says:

    Omg I wish u were my English teacher

  21. xShadowSlashx Says:

    Can I use this method for writting in another language, other than English?

  22. Zeek Tdot Says:

    1:22 how many reason are there

  23. MushiMushi Says:


  24. Ahmed Altherwi Says:

    Hello James. Your lessons are always amazing and funny. I like them very
    much. I consider you the best teacher in Thank you Ahmed-SAUDI

  25. B BC Says:

    He’s always reading playgirl though