How To Write a Song

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| December 24th, 2013 | Posted in Be Heard |

25 Responses to “How To Write a Song”

  1. Zak Barker Says:

    Wow thank you! Now I am writing better than ever! I just do all this and I
    have a new hit single! Who wants to hear some lyrics? (:
    Alright read this this is jow it goes :
    Thats all I can give guys♡♥♡

  2. J SLEAZEHH Says:


  3. Tobi Ruhland Says:

    Better than Justin Bieber :) 

  4. Don Rhosko Says:

    Pure art!! And a lefty too… can´t be any better!!

  5. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Dude, WHAT YOU ON MAN!?!

  6. Raffael Bernold Says:

    Junkie … get rehab

  7. Ivan shearer Says:

    that was the worst video I have ever saw it is worst then the video of girl
    trying to make girl jump

  8. randomaccountonface Says:

    The video made sense except 1 detail.. why is there a watermelon in the

  9. Justin Sills Says:

    haha “be a famous singer like Justin beiber or BARACK OBAMA” he said Justin
    beiber was a famous singer ( 8 – / )

  10. shaykwan fuller Says:

    that song fire lol

  11. I Rainn Says:

    You’ve got serious problems bro. 

  12. cassie henderson Says:

    I almost cryed when I saw the guitar break o_o

  13. Jezrell Claire Says:

    bitch please.

  14. whatsthatcreeper Says:

    Hmmmmmmm…….seems easy enough!

  15. Jewels Anne Says:

    This is so ridiculous 

  16. Effie Prifti Says:

    dude,you really hate eggs…

  17. aguila sin fin Says:

    Yep, now im better and the discografic has punched me.
    Thanks howtobasic

  18. daniel acosta Says:

    how to Justin Bebier writes songs

  19. DeterminedFever Says:

    what the fuck is on leg

  20. KJ Goar Says:

    fuck, is that in d sharp, or c flat?

  21. Marshall Ebright Says:

    All you do is waste perfectly good food. That angers me.

  22. Niklas Burns Says:

    That was some awsome advice

  23. Greatnuke Says:

    when ever i read the comments i see people new to the channel….. Wow this
    actually attracts people.

  24. Vagd Says:

    Oh no! The ukulele :( 

  25. Dreamer23245 Says:

    a waste of perfectly good food?