How To Write A Resume – Our Top 5 Resume Tips That Will Get You The Interview

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14 Responses to “How To Write A Resume – Our Top 5 Resume Tips That Will Get You The Interview”

  1. Abeja Diaz Says:

    thank you

  2. Alan Oakes Says:

    Thanks guys I have been job hunting for a long time now. Thank you guys for
    creating your videos. series. Hope the tips help me get that great job have
    been searching for. I will let you know how my progress turns out Thanks
    Again Mr. Alan J. Oakes.

  3. sassysoul98 Says:

    thanks, awesome tips!

  4. Carmen Adams Says:

    You guys are brilliant. Thank you.

  5. whatsup02 Says:

    The captions read “you also want to stay away from using any fancy designs
    and farts”. However, I believe it is acceptable to fart on your resume and
    hand it to your prospective manager as long as the smell has dissipated.

  6. The Interview Guys Says:

    Hi withsugaront0p, this appears to be a YouTube issue, because the closed
    captioning is automatic. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

  7. withsugaront0p Says:

    Why are the captions for these videos so often incorrect? The tips are
    great, but it seems like they’re transcribed phonetically?

  8. Sandy Johns Says:

    How To Write A Resume

  9. Resumes To You Says:

    Helpful tips on Resume Writing

  10. LilLadyCarter Says:

    Thanks for this

  11. Dyno Wap Says:

    et fixe djo

  12. Mary Thomas Says:

    Thats a really nice video. :) thanks guys.. P.s- your last tip about
    professional help- do you guys provide that?

  13. The Interview Guys Says:
  14. Mister Sweet's Career Portals Says: